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Day 1: Monday, February 25, 2019
Morning Sessions – Question 1.a: What are we learning from the published case studies in the context of chaplaincy care research?

Opening Keynote Lectures

  • Jacques Körver ‘Putting Chaplaincy Research into the Picture.
    The University Center Chaplaincy Studies and the Dutch Case Studies Project’
  • George Fitchett ‘The State of the Art in Chaplaincy Research: Needs, Resources & Hopes’
  • Steve Nolan ‘Lifting the Lid on Chaplaincy: A First Look at Findings from Chaplains’ Case Study Research’

Afternoon Sessions – Question 1.b: What are we learning from the published case studies in the context of various settings of chaplaincy care?

Case Studies Carrousel – ‘Case study research reports from various countries and various settings’
Social Evening – Excursion in the city of Amsterdam

Day 2: Tuesday, February 26, 2019
Morning sessions – Question 2: What are we learning about case studies research?
‘Researching practices. Reflections on Case Studies Research in Chaplaincy’

  • Gaby Jacobs The use of narratives in collaborative research
  • Jan Willem Veerman Researching practices. Reflections on case studies research and beyond

‘Squaring the Round’ Roundtable conversations on matters of methodology
• Abstracting from the particular
• Comparing the incomparable
• Identifying (criteria for) good practices
• Fortunes and misfortunes of a format
• Status of case studies: evidence, validity, generalization

Afternoon Sessions – Question 3:
What are chaplains learning by producing case studies?
Reflections by chaplain writers of case studies: What are they learning?

  • Niels den Toom The role of the chaplain and the role of the researcher
    & the function of research communities

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